Who do I call if I have an emergency after hours?

You can call our office number at (713) 630-0660 if you have an urgent question or concern after our office closes. There is a nurse and physician on call at all times to answer any emergent questions. If there is a true emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

Who do I speak with if I have a question during office hours?

If you have a concern about your child’s health, you may speak with our office triage nurse. If you have a question regarding paperwork or forms that need to be signed, you can ask to speak with your physician’s nurse. However, if she is busy, you can leave a message with the front office, and your message will be forwarded to your physician’s nurse. Please allow us 24 business hours to process any forms or paperwork that need to be signed.

Can I schedule same day sick or well child visits?

You can schedule same day sick visits, however we strongly encourage your well-child visits be scheduled in advance due to availability in our physicians’ schedules.

Can I see a different physician for well child checks or sick visits?

We encourage you to continue seeing your physician for continuity of care, especially for your child’s well checkups. However, if your physician is out on a day that you need to be seen for a sick visit, one of the other physicians would be happy to see your child.

Do you have after hours office hours?

We are open from 9am - 5pm Monday through Friday, and we do have Saturday morning hours from 9am - 12pm for sick visits only.

What can I do to prepare for my first visit?

Our new patient forms are available online, which you can print and fill out prior to your appointment to speed your check-in process. Please bring your ID, insurance card, hospital paperwork (if needed), as well as your child’s shot records.

Do the doctors see patients in the hospital?

Our pediatricians see newborns at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, Texas Children’s Hospital, Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, and Methodist Hospital. If you are planning to deliver your baby at any of these hospitals, please let your OB and your Labor and Delivery staff know that you have chosen one of our pediatricians, and we will be notified promptly.

Our pediatricians also round on patients that have been admitted to The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, Texas Children’s Hospital, and Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital.

Do the doctors do new mommy interviews?

Yes, if you would like to meet any of our physicians prior to delivering, please contact our office to schedule a New Mommy Visit. Our physicians would love to take the time to visit with you and your child’s caregivers to answer any questions and concerns that you have prior to having your baby.

Do you require all your patients to be immunized?

We do not require all of our patients to be immunized, however we strongly encourage immunization for all of our families to protect their children and the health of all those around them. We follow the recommended AAP and CDC immunization schedule. If you have any questions regarding a modified immunization schedule, please speak with your individual physician.