Cradle cap is a rash that can appear on your baby’s scalp. It can be oily, and cause scaly, yellow patches or crusts. It is usually caused by overactive oil glands in your baby’s scalp as a result of hormone exposure from mother prior to birth. It is not serious, and usually can be treated at home with the use of a mild baby shampoo used every 2-3 days. You can also try using coconut oil or olive oil, rubbed in your baby’s scalp, and then gently combed through with a baby comb that can help to remove the scales. If this doesn’t work you can also use a shampoo such as Selsun Blue or Head and Shoulders Shampoo once a week. If these interventions do not help, please let your physician know, and we can try to prescribe a scalp oil to help treat the cradle cap. If you notice blistering or pimple like rashes, please contact your physician.