Preventing Diaper Rash

Change your baby’s diaper frequently. Let your baby’s bottom air-dry as long as possible at each diaper change. You may use zinc oxide cream or a petroleum jelly to protect the skin.

Changing your Son’s Diaper

If your son is circumcised, gently rinse the area at each diaper change. It is important to keep the area as clean as possible. The gauze wrap on the penis will usually fall off within 24 hours following circumcision. Until the circumcision is healed, apply petroleum jelly to prevent the penis from sticking to the diaper.

Changing your Daughter’s Diaper

Using a wet cloth, wipe from front to back. Gently clean between all creases of skin. Baby girls can have some vaginal mucus that can look clear to white in color. A little blood-tinged mucus from her vagina is also normal at first. If this condition continues, becomes more frequent or heavier, please call the office.