The amount of sleep a baby requires varies. Typically, a baby sleep about 16-18 hours/day, but this can vary from as little as 12 hours to as much as 21 hours in a day. The sleep is usually divided into 2 to 4 hour intervals.

All babies should sleep on their backs. There is no risk of choking with babies on their backs. Never place your baby on his stomach to sleep because of the risk of sudden infant death (SIDS). Once the baby can roll both ways, usually around 4-6 months of age, it does not matter what position your baby sleeps.

Baby should be placed on a firm mattress. Dress your baby in a one piece outfit and cover him or her with a single light blanket. Remove any loose articles such as multiple blankets, diapers, pillows, and stuffed toys during sleep to avoid the risk of suffocation. Do not use crib bumpers. Do not put sheepskin under the baby or place the baby on a waterbed due to the risk of suffocation.

Babies should sleep in their own bassinet or crib. At first, it is all right to place the baby near you, but we recommend that your baby sleep in his own room by 6 months to a year of age.

We do not recommend co-sleeping with the baby at any time. The risk of rolling over onto the baby is high. Also, the baby can also become caught in bed clothing and suffocate.